100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Cleans the air and eliminates odors

Non toxic, non allergic

Burns hotter, brighter, longer

No artificial scents or dyes

Casts a beautiful golden glow


All our candles are handmade with 100% cotton wick only, for an environmentally friendly, clean burn.

We currently provide 48 different choices of candles and create all our own designs and molds. Our candles are made of 100% Canadian beeswax and nothing else. Light and enjoy this natural wonder!

von Hardenberg Candles

Klaus & Betty von Hardenberg

Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Phone/Fax 604-462-9244

Email: info@vonhardenbergcandles.com

Artisan Fair: www.thornhillartisanfair.com


April 12th 2017 - Betty von Hardenberg

Klaus and I feel so fortunate to have had a very rewarding year with our candles. We are in the process of making a new beeswax product for the winter season that we think you may like. We continue to meet new customers which consist of a diverse mix of businesses and individual customers. This year 600 of our votive candles were used in a labyrinth for a television pilot. That was very exciting.

We continue to be cognizant of the fragile balance of keeping our environment a healthy place for bees. Awareness that our actions with regard to the use of pesticides and herbicides that have been known to harm bees, is a continual process of awareness and change. The amazing contribution bees give us and how they contribute to healthy plant life and the continuity of life requires us to be respectful of the environment we all share. Candle making, creating new designs and meeting regular and new customers continues to give us much joy. We keep 4 vegetable gardens, fruit trees and many ornamental plants to give bees a wide variety of choice. We feel even more connected to keeping our environment safe and healthy as our appreciation for bees has grown.

Thank you to all our customers for all the wonderful conversations, kindnesses, support and laughter. We look so forward to another gratifying year.







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